Film Review: Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

I always enjoy watching A Series of Unfortunate Events, and I particularly like how Lemony Snicket (played by Jude Law) narrates and “breaks the fourth wall” by communicating directly with the audience. This use of direct address is also a significant element in Snicket’s narration style in the books.

Carrey plays Olaf superbly – the costumes, the exaggerated behaviour, the voices – it all fits perfectly.

I loved the gloomy colour palette, and the various settings used. A Series of Unfortunate Events blends together the first three books of Snicket’s series: The Bad Beginning, The Reptile Room and The Wide Window. My favourite of the three stories in the film was The Reptile Room adaptation because of the warm relationship between Uncle Monty and the children and the promise of a new beginning.

My only complaint about this film is that no sequels were made! I would sorely loved to have seen each book be brought to life through film.

– Judith