Book Cover Challenge

A mini-series I was inspired to do after watching a certified Youtuber Sanne, who has a channel called booksandquills. She uploaded 2 videos: one was titled How Do Book Covers Work? and the other was titled A Guide to Book Cover Finishes. I wanted to share my favourite book covers and so the challenge is to publish 5 different book covers over 5 consecutive days, explaining why they are eye-catching and likeable!

My Life In Books Challenge

A mini-series I thought would be fun. I go through 5 different stages of my life (Toddler, Child, Teenager [High School], Teenager [AS levels] and Teenager [A levels] and choose 5 books which sum up each period, ranking each one from 1 (worst) to 5 (best). I’ve seen other WordPress posts and YouTube videos of a similar nature.

Learn To Love Challenge

A mini-series in which I step out of my reading comfort zone to explore genres and forms I’ve stayed away from, in the hope that I might “learn to love” them.

Around The World Challenge

A mini-series I created after reading quite a few different blog posts which discussed diversity within literature, and why we should read more foreign literature. I decided to loosely follow the journey of Phileas Fogg, in Around The World In Eighty Days, by Jules Verne and read a book from each country. Basically, Fogg began in England and went to: Egypt, India, Hong Kong, Japan and finally, the United States of America. I read a book set in each country Fogg visited, and wrote a book review for each.

Read Along With Me Challenge

A mini-series I created to motivate me to read a set text for my studies and keep blogging at the same time. I read a few chapters and talk about them each day, summarising the plot and sharing my opinions.

Monster Book Challenge

A mini-series I created in the build-up to Halloween, writing some spooky book reviews of books, each one about a different type of monster.

 12 Days of Blogmas 2016

I wanted to a Blogmas series, for my first Christmas on ReadandReview2016, but I thought blogging for 24 days would be too much to manage with my current schedule. I decided to go for a “compromise”, and write 12 blog posts in the countdown to Christmas, whilst incorporating my usual blogging schedule.


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