This is another new series I’ve decided to participate in with my blog, although I’ll only be doing it monthly, not weekly. Book Travelling Thursdays is hosted by Catia and Danielle on Goodreads.

This week’s theme is: Choose A Book That Deserves More Love.

My instinctive reaction is The Forbidden Game series by L.J. Smith – in particular The Hunter, the first book in the series. These books are my favourite YA / fantasy series, and the best ones I’ve ever read, found by chance in a charity shop years ago. The Hunter was also one of the first books I wrote a “proper” book review of whilst I was participating in Reading Ahead last year, although I have mentioned the subsequent books: The Chase and The Kill on my blog as well.

However, I haven’t found anyone else as of yet who has read and loved these books as well! I feel like they’re been forgotten about – perhaps because they were written long before the swathe of YA fiction that now swamps every bookshop? I don’t know.

Here are some book covers I found of The Hunter – the first is the cover of the copy I own:

my-photo-btt-1 my-photo-btt-2 my-photo-btt-3  my-photo-btt-4 my-photo-btt-5

My favourite cover is the 1st photo (naturally, as that’s the edition I’m used to), but I also like the 3rd and 5th ones too – the 5th one is the German edition, and those dark black/blue colours really tie in to the tone of the book.

I hope I’ve written this Book Travelling Thursday post right! Let me know if you’ve heard of the The Forbidden Game series, or what your favourite cover is from the 5 I’ve chosen!

– Judith


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