I was really hoping to get to 500 followers before writing this milestone post!*

Oh well.

*Edit: I’ve reached 500 followers a day later! 

You can follow ReadandReview with your WordPress account, or just an email address!
You can follow ReadandReview with your WordPress account, or just an email address!

Today is the day that ReadandReview2016 reaches its first blogging anniversary!

I honestly can’t believe the time has flown so quickly – one year ago, I was feeling nervous and scared about putting my energies into writing for such a public audience. Now, I really don’t regret it.

Sometimes it has been a bit of struggle to write blog posts I’m happy with, but most of the time it has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

I’ve written book reviews, film reviews, book tags, joined Twitter**, come up with my own book-themed challenges and even collaborated with other bloggers***, as well as joining Rosie’s Book Review Team.

**You can follow me on Twitter @judiththereader.

Hopefully I’ve developed as a blogger and writer, and I look forward into writing new forms of blog post this year. One example being my new series that I started at the end of January: From One Blogger To Another, where I interview/discuss various book or film themed topics with other bloggers. For a new year of blogging, I’ve also changed and updated the rest of my blogging schedule– you can find details about this here.

To all my followers, whether you’ve recently joined ReadandReview, or you’ve been a follower for a long while, thank you for continuing to read, share, like, or comment on my blog posts. My favourite aspect of blogging is when I receive comments – feedback, discussion points, encouragement, you name it – so please don’t forget to leave one!

***Thank you to all the bloggers I’ve collaborated with, or written guest posts for, over the last year:

1. Making Time For Me

2. Nothing In The Rule Book

3. Reading Ahead

4. The Blog From Another World

Here’s to another year of blogging!

– Judith


10 thoughts on “WOW: 1 Year @ ReadandReview / 500 Followers @ReadandReview!

  1. Happy Bloggerversary and congratulations on 500 followers, you just gained one more in me! 🙂 – I have always been a bookworm, I have a weakness for those MC club indie author books lol, but towards the end of last year I lost my reading mojo, your blog post inspired me to go resurrect my Goodreads and commit to a challenge this year. Keep up the awesome work 🙂

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