Happy Friday!

It’s just occurred to me that the last time I wrote a post like this was also on a Friday, what an odd coincidence. Anyway, this post is to announce & celebrate that ReadandReview2016 has now reached 450 followers!

You can follow ReadandReview with your WordPress account, or just an email address!

This makes me really happy, as although I’ve still been posting, I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a blogging slump. I’ve found it hard to remember to share my posts, connect with other bloggers and be an active part of the WordPress community. But, new year, new me – right?

This year, I’m thinking of changing my blogging schedule. I haven’t exactly decided what I’m going to change about my blog posts, or what I’m going to write about. I still want to write about books and I still want to write about films, but I’m considering looking at the texts in more depth, from a more analytical perspective perhaps?

I also have some interviews with bloggers / authors lined up, content that was originally going to be published on MyTrendingStories. However, I stopped writing articles on there in September because I became increasingly frustrated with the system. I found it really difficult to be “noticed” – I gained a maximum of 12 followers – and the views/likes/comment/share functions were tricky to use. I didn’t feel like I was writing for an audience and I just didn’t enjoy the website’s format. I much prefer the well-known and much-loved simplicity and ease of WordPress. The point is, those articles will eventually find themselves on ReadandReview2016 – hence the slight rejigging of my blogging schedule.

I realise this a bit more of a rambly post, so I apologise.

Thank you for the 450 people who have decided my blog is worth following; if you read my blog posts, please like / comment and interact with the post. I think opinions and discussions are so valuable on a site dedicated to reviewing and expressing opinions.

I’m approaching my 1 year anniversary (February), and the goal I set myself was to have 500 followers by that point. It would be lovely if you could help me reach this goal – share this blog with other avid readers or bloggers you know.

Thanks once again – I look forward to blogging for the rest of 2017!

– Judith


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