Welcome back to Blogmas! As it’s a Tuesday, I thought: why not do another Tag Tuesday Christmas Special? The questions aren’t book-themed – but that’s fine, we can allow for a little variety.

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie?

Aha! I’ve actually already answered this question in another Blogmas post. In short, I would say The Nightmare Before Christmas by Henry Selick and Tim Burton, but you can read a full break-down of my different responses here:

I’m off to a flying start!

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Usually, I open my Christmas presents with my close family on Christmas Day – morning or afternoon, depending on how the mood takes us. In some circumstances I open a few presents before Christmas Day (for example, with friends who live far away, or grandparents who want to see my reactions). I’ve actually been in this situation this year already (oops) and you can find out more about my mini Christmas haul already here:

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

I don’t have one particular memory that jumps out at me; a lot of my memories of toys, family time, and cheesy films blend together when you’re little, I think.

4. Do you have a favourite festive food?

For me, the highlight of “festive foods” has to be a traditional Christmas dinner with Christmas pudding or Christmas cake. Plenty of chocolate too!

5. Do you have a favourite Christmas gift?

Absolutely! When I was a little girl, I absolutely loved dolls, Barbies, Polly Pockets, anything of that ilk and one Christmas, I walked into the living room to see an enormous wrapped parcel just for me. When I opened it, I discovered a wonderful dollhouse that my Granddad had handmade for me, complete with some handcrafted furniture and peg dolls. I played with it so often (I still have it) and I’m still very impressed that my Granddad made it for me.

6. Do you have a favourite Christmas scent?

I don’t think so; I really like the smell of gingerbread – if that counts. Some people see gingerbread as a traditional Christmas treat, whereas I can make, buy or eat it all year round.

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

I’m sad to say I don’t. My friends have told me stories of their parents putting on treasure hunts, or gathering round to play a board game, but in my household, we don’t do anything special. It’s just a usual evening – this may involve family time, but then again it may not, depending on what everyone feels like doing.

8. What goes at the top of your Christmas tree?

From growing up in a Christian household, my brother and I would attend Sunday School and as part of the Sunday School activities at Christmas time, we would make Christmas-themed crafts, so our Christmas tree is still adorned with paper baubles and cut out stars daubed in crayon and glitter that have definitely seen better days. One of these paper stars sits at the top of our tree.

9. As a child, what was one really extravagant or crazy gift you asked for and never received?

I was always aware that my parents wouldn’t buy me everything I asked for (no, I didn’t believe in Santa Claus) because I knew they had a budget. I never really asked for anything too “out there” and always stuck to some toys, books or perhaps some CDs or DVDs.

10. What’s the best part about Christmas for you?

For me, the best part of Christmas is the Biblical meaning behind Christmas. This means attending the Christmas Day church services, along with singing carols. At Christmas time, you can really sense an atmosphere of joy and love which is such a nice feeling. Then, on a secondary note, there’s the fun, food, family time and present-swopping (I couldn’t get them all to start with F, sadly) that make Christmas time a really enjoyable holiday season.

Those are my responses! Thanks for reading. If you want to write a Christmas blog post but are struggling for ideas, I encourage you to do the Christmas Tag.

Happy Blogmas!

– Judith


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