Are you the kind of person who opens Christmas presents early, or waits until Christmas Day? Normally, I’d wait until Christmas Day.

However, my friends from university and I all swapped presents before the Christmas break, and some of us decided to open our presents.* As English students, unsurprisingly, most of the presents were either books or book-themed.

*We won’t see each other until after Christmas, and it’s a nice experience to see your friends’ faces light up with joy, and them to see you do the same, so I didn’t really mind.

With that in mind, I decided to share with you the Christmas gifts I received as a mini haul / book lovers’ gift guide in case you’re doing a last minute bit of Christmas shopping and want some inspiration:


My first present is this sparkly silver necklace with a masquerade mask charm. It’s so small and cute, and it to me, it gives off Shakespeare vibes – reminding me of his comedies like As You Like It or Twelfth Night, where mistaken identities and disguises are key themes.


You can find a similar equivalent on Etsy here:


My second present is an actual book this time: By Grand Central Station I Sat Down And Wept by Elizabeth Smart. According to Goodreads, it is a classic book of prose poetry about Smart’s love affair with the poet George Barker, and the ‘tragedy of her passion’. You can read more about it here. I think the long title is interesting, and it has a foreword by Yann Martel and a review by Angela Carter, authors I’m already familiar with, so I’m glad to add it to my TBR pile.


You can buy By Grand Central Station here:


My third present is this beautiful set of rose gold notebooks with foil block patterns by Katharine Watson. As a writer, notebooks seem like an obvious but lovely choice of gift for me. However, these notebooks are so pretty that I’m scared to write in them for fear of spoiling them! Are you the same? Maybe I’ll write in them one day, but only something really, really important…


You can buy the notebooks yourself here:


Although this isn’t explicitly a book-themed present, it is gold-themed, and matches the notebooks I just mentioned. This is a Cinnamon Spice candle, in a gorgeous gold glass container with a tassel and lid. It’s quite a strong scent but, oh boy, does it smell wonderful. It has all the aromatic spices and smells you associate with Christmas in a simple vanilla-coloured candle. I haven’t lit it yet – sadly, university accommodation aren’t too keen on students burning candles (I wonder why…) so for now, I’ll keep it as a beautiful ornament.


Sadly, I can’t find the same candle online but I’m sure there are other similar alternatives.


Finally, to carry all of these nice presents in, I got a tote bag that says ‘B is for Book’! I like the red and black colours, and I don’t think you can ever have enough tote bags – they’re super handy, and they’re even nicer when they’re book-themed.


I found the bag online here: but it’s from a US store. I’m sure my friend didn’t travel specifically to America for this, but I can’t find a UK equivalent (although I’m sure there is one)!

Those were my five (early) Christmas presents! I hope you enjoyed my mini haul / gift guide: if you did, please click ‘Like’ (it means a lot). I’ll be uploading my next Blogmas post at the same time tomorrow, so stay tuned!

– Judith


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