Book Review: Ice Blessed by Crystin Goodwin

Ice Blessed is the third instalment of Goodwin’s Blessings of Myrillia series, and I am so excited to be writing a book review about it! I read it in 1-2 days because I HAD to know what happened.

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The tensions between the Transeaturs and the Melior, the build-up of which we saw in UnBlessed and Fire Blessed has finally reached a climax. To catch up, you can read my book reviews of UnBlessed and Fire Blessed.

Unlike I originally thought, Ice Blessed doesn’t wholly focus on Lucien, but rather all of the main characters, such as Kisara, Marius, Renelle, Sebastian, Dami and the Elder Priest. We delve into the past of the Elder Priest through flashbacks, to understand why he is the way he is, and watch him attempt to destroy those he sees as enemies.

To keep me from repeating myself, I’ve pulled the plot summary from Goodreads:

‘After being attacked by what he believed to be his own allies, Lucien Glacies is forced into an unfamiliar world where he must learn to discern friend from foe.  Thrust into the midst of a war he never wanted, unable to piece together reality from the remnants of his past, Lucien chooses to follow the one person he trusts with his life: his childhood friend and former sweetheart, Kisara. 

Together, they must face the corrupt power that threatens all of Myrillia. But first, Lucien must conquer the prejudice of his youth … because his new allies are the same savages he once believed were his mortal enemy.’

First things first, this is definitely the best book in the series. From UnBlessed, to Fire Blessed, to Ice Blessed, Goodwin’s writing has improved each time, and this is by far my favourite. The narrative flowed easier, and it was so action-packed and filled with drama that I was glued to my phone screen.

Kisara and Sebastian’s relationship finally seemed official, and Marius and Renelle’s relationship finally became more genuine (on Marius’s side), which was lovely to see. However, Renelle constantly apologising (like she did in Fire Blessed) really started to get on my nerves, and I wish it was a habit she would have cut out by now.

Spoiler Alert: Lucien is still a bit of a jerk, and is justly rewarded with a slap to the face. However, Dami takes

I honestly wish this book was a film or a TV show because I could “see” everything happening so vividly that I just want to be able to properly see it!

However, I found the ending a little anti-climactic – I never tend to enjoy the use of dreams and visions to wrap up a book. I also didn’t like the bunch of new characters towards the very end, who seemed like “paler” copies of the main characters, and didn’t add much. If there is a fourth book (wink, wink), and these characters are developed, then great.

On the whole, I really enjoyed Ice Blessed, and this entire series, and if you like YA fiction / fantasy books, I strongly recommend you read these!

Star Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Ice Blessed is available to buy as an e-book or paperback from or

– Judith


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