Welcome back! We are now halfway through the week. You can catch up on Day #1 and Day #2 if you missed my posts.

Today I have chosen to Learn to Love … science fiction!

Part 1:

1. Have you ever read texts from this genre before?

I don’t think so. I think sometimes fantasy and Dystopian novels can stray into the realms of sci-fi, but I haven’t read anything specifically labelled as science fiction before.

2. Why have you stayed away from this genre?

I think science fiction will be geeky, cheesy and too much for me to handle. I enjoy “pop” sci-fi, if there is such a term. I really liked Doctor Who, the Star Wars films, I’m a fan of The Big Bang Theory and the Star Trek films (the new ones!) were okay I guess, but actually reading sci-fi seems to be on a whole new level!

3. Why have you chosen this particular text?

I have chosen The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger because, like yesterday’s post, this book was sitting on my TBR pile and I featured it in a Book Haul, so I just had to read it! It’s described as a science-fiction / romance, which makes me nervous because I’m not a romance fan either!

Part 2:

1. What did you like?

Henry and Clare’s relationship was so moving and I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to be stuck in timelines that didn’t quite match-up and caused confusion and embarrassment. Their desperation for a child and the heartaches that came along with that were really emotional scenes. I also liked the introduction of Dr Kendrick, to try and create a cure for Henry.

2. What did you dislike?

The ending! It made me sad! In any book, it’s always difficult bringing up the inevitability of death but it’s even harder to deal with when you’re jumping around in history.

Part 3:

1.  After reading the text, would you say that you enjoy this genre?

Yes! This level of science fiction was more than tolerable; it was enjoyable and I would like to read more books like this which are less “aliens, spaceships and Spock” and more of a dilution of sci-fi ideas into the real world.

2. Have any of your preconceptions changed?

Definitely! When I think of time travel, I think of Doctor Who and Star Trek, but it was nice to read a science fiction book that dealt explicitly with the practicalities of time travelling without complicated scientific language and aliens and foreign planets.

3. Would you read more texts in this genre?

See Question 1! I also have The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams on my TBR so it will be interesting to read that and compare how different the novels are!

That brings us to the end of today’s Learn to Love Challenge post. If you enjoyed it, and want to read more posts like this, click ‘Follow’ and stay tuned for Days #4 and #5!

What are your opinions on science fiction? Do you have a preference? Share your opinions below!

– Judith


8 thoughts on “Learn to Love Challenge Day #3

  1. The only Sci-Fi I really enjoy are companion books to the TV series Stargate, there are lots of them, like all fan fiction, some better than others, but for fans it can be a great way to extend their enthusiasm for a series.

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  2. Awesome review! Whenever someone mentions time travel and I always think of Doctor Who. I’ll have to remember to be ready for a good cry when I get to reading The Time Traveler’s Wife.

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