Welcome to Day #2 of my Learn to Love Challenge! If you’re new, you can find out exactly what I’m doing by reading my Tags & Challenges page. Let’s crack on!

Today I have chosen to Learn to Love … non-fiction!

Part 1:

1. Have you ever read texts from this genre before?

I have read non-fiction books in the past, but mainly to assist my studies, such as books written by historians or language experts. I have also read The Bible.

2. Why have you stayed away from this genre?

Excluding The Bible, I haven’t read non-fiction for my own enjoyment, it has been to glean information and develop my own academic ability. I’ve found this dull and boring, and I prefer to read novels that will entertain me!

3. Why have you chosen this particular text?

I have chosen Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig, because I featured it on a Book Haul and I had to get round to reading it as some point.

Part 2:

1. What did you like?

The structure was a bit odd, but easy to read. We jumped from first-person narrative detailing aspects of Haig’s life and his own experiences with anxiety and depression, lists and statistics about mental health and other opinions he had. It was as if he was telling us his personal story, and then he was pressing pause to explain more about these feelings, or give advice to those who might be going through the same thing.

2. What did you dislike?

I can’t think of anything that I didn’t like about this book! It was incredibly eye-opening, helpful. Information and opinions were presented in easy, clear ways for you to understand.

Part 3:

1.  After reading the text, would you say that you enjoy this genre?

I certainly found this type of non-fiction enjoyable to read, because it didn’t take very long (like history books do!) and there wasn’t any difficult jargon for me to get my head around.

2. Have any of your preconceptions changed?

I thought I wouldn’t be able to relate to someone else’s experiences (I’m not a fan of autobiographies) and I thought there would be difficult terms I might not understand. However, I was surprised by how much I understood and could relate to Haig’s experiences, even though there are clear differences between our lives.

I strongly recommend this book for anyone who has struggled or is struggling with mental issues or knows somebody that does, or if you’re just interested, or if you feel compelled to hear Haig’s story. Anyone can read this book and I advise that you do.

3. Would you read more texts in this genre?

I would class this as a self-help book, and I wouldn’t mind reading more of these in the future.

For help with mental health issues, you can go to:

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Have you read Reasons to Stay Alive? What did you think? Have you read any other books that were similar?

Let me know!

– Judith


11 thoughts on “Learn to Love Challenge Day #2

  1. Great post, Judith. I love non-fiction books that fall under the personal development or self-help genre. They have helped me through many a ‘real-life’ issue. I also write for this genre and find that being open, honest, and adding that personal touch has a great impact on my readers. I’m glad you enjoyed Matt’s book. 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome, Judith. I really enjoyed reading your post. My non-fiction book is called, How I Changed My Life in a Year and is the story of a year long challenge (something you might relate to as a fellow lover of all things challenge related lol). As I worked in holistic health and personal development it was a way to show my clients (and children) that they can achieve anything they put their minds to using my New Year Resolution list – I’ve had incredible feedback from my book and it’s hit the number 1 spot on the Amazon bestseller list for self-help twice! *I’m like a proud momma* 😉

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  2. I rarely read nonfiction, but I have made the effort to read the more these past few years since they can be so insightful and inspiring. Ones that I highly recommend are: The Glass Castle, Half the Sky, and Unbroken. Anyway, great post, Judith!

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