Hurray! I’ve been looking forward to the day when I can have another little celebration on my blog.

Thank you for pressing ‘Follow’ and if you haven’t already and are reading a ReadandReview2016 post for the first ever time – you really should!

My Photo [150 Followers]
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To help spread the positivity around WordPress, I thought I would steal an idea from other posts I’ve seen around, which promote new, or interesting blogs to their readers.

I recommend:

  1. Sasha’s blog @ She is fairly new to the blogosphere but she posts some fabulous “bookstagram” pictures and has started uploading book reviews. You can find her Instagram here:
  2. Inspired Teen’s blog @ Here you can find opinion pieces, book reviews, personal entries and other bits and bobs. They currently have 91 followers.
  3. Austin’s blog @ She also posts book reviews, book tags and has been tagged in several blogging “awards”. Currently she has 31 followers.

And there we have it! Thank you to all my followers who support my blogging journey by reading, liking and commenting on my posts.

Here’s to 200 followers!

– Judith


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