This Challenge Week, I thought it would be fun to go through different stages of my life and pick 5 books which really sum up that period of my life. I’ve seen other WordPress posts and YouTube videos of a similar nature. I’ll even rank the books in order – 5 is my least favourite, 1 is my most favourite! I think this will be a good way to reminiscence and talk about some books that perhaps I normally wouldn’t at ReadandReview2016.

As it’s Day 1, I’m going to start the challenge by discussing the books I read as a Toddler!

This might not appeal to all of you out there but I have seen various blogs which focus on the early reading and writing processes of children, and the various books and resources available to them such as Little Dino Reading and The New Reader’s Toolkit.

In 5th place is: Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

This is a classic children’s book with flaps and pop-ups and the theme is, quite obviously, animals. I’ve been informed by reliable sources (thanks, Mum and Dad) that as a toddler, I did enjoy this book. However, looking back it’s the story that has stuck in my memory the least and that is why I’ve put it at the bottom of my list.

My Photo - [My Life In Books 1]

Side Note: As this was such a favourite with both my brother and I, my parents have kept Dear Zoo to this day!

In 4th place is: A Piece of Cake by Jill Murphy

This is a more detailed children’s book than Dear Zoo, but it still has the theme of animals, and I liked its jumbo pages. I loved the Large family (literal in all ways!), made up of friendly, talking elephants. This was my favourite book in the series because Mrs Large attempts a diet, and tries to persuade the whole family to be healthier. It was really funny to hear read to me, and really fun to read for myself once I was old enough. To this day, I can still remember my favourite quote: ‘“Mummy’s got wobbly bits!” said the Baby.’

My Photo - [My Life In Books 2]

Side Note: I don’t know where my original copy of A Piece of Cake went, but I happily snapped it up at a book fair for 10p – a price I was more than willing to pay to get hold of this book again!

In 3rd place is: The Blue Balloon by Mick Inkpen

This is another more simple children’s book – with bright colours and pop-ups and of course, an animal companion. It’s about a child who finds a magical blue balloon that does absolutely anything. I was a huge fan of balloons as a little one and so this was one of my favourite stories to read. A worthy 3rd place choice.

My Photo - [My Life In Books 3]

Side Note: As this was such a favourite with both my brother and I, my parents have kept The Blue Balloon to this day!

In 2nd place is: Funny Bones by Janet Ahlberg and Allan Ahlberg 

‘This is how the story begins.

On a dark dark hill there was a dark dark town.’

If you’re familiar with this story, you’ll know exactly how this book goes on, repeating ‘dark dark’ more times than you can count! The book is about a family of skeletons who sneak out at night to have a little fun, and get into some mishaps. This is one of my favourite stories I can remember from being a little toddler – and with the themes of darkness and skeletons, perhaps it’s where my love of the Gothic originated from?!

My Photo - [My Life In Books 4]

Side Note: I sadly lost my original copy, but found one in a charity shop a few years ago and I am now the proud owner of Funny Bones again!

In 1st place is: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Another animal book! This is without a doubt, my favourite book I read as a Toddler. If you have no idea what this book is about, have you been living under a rock?!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is about, well, a Very Hungry Caterpillar who embarks on a quest to eat until he is not hungry – sampling a variety of exotic foods such as salami, Swiss cheese, and watermelon!

I cannot praise this book highly enough: the hardback version with the glossy illustrations really make the colours pop, and the variety of flaps and holes give it a really interesting design. Also, the story is quick and fun and the use of different foods and different quantities of food make it educational. I really hope this book stays a classic forever!

My Photo - [My Life In Books 5]

Side Note: As this was such a favourite with both my brother and I, my parents have kept The Very Hungry Caterpillar to this day. I have also purchased my own copy which I found in a charity shop, because reasons.

That’s the end of Day #1 of the My Life In Books Challenge. Did you enjoy those books as a child? Would you have ranked them differently? Perhaps you have a different childhood favourite! Let me know in the comments below!

See you tomorrow for Day #2!

– Judith


4 thoughts on “My Life In Books Challenge Day #1

  1. I love this challenge idea! It looks so fun. I’d love to go back through my life and trace the major books of major stages in my life. Love your writing! Dear Zoo – wow, I had that one as a kid. Memories! My favourite childhood books: I loved most things by Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, Paul Jennings, and Morris Gleitzman. But I especially loved People Might Hear You by Robin Klein.

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      1. My school teacher used to read The Famous Five to us. I really loved The Enchanted Wood and The Magic Faraway Tree. I think they were my very first favourite books.

        Liked by 1 person

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