Dear me! I feel as if I’ve been a very busy blogger lately!

My monthly ReadandReview (book review) post went live a week ago. I made a post over the weekend about the Queen’s 90th Birthday.  I uploaded my bonus ReadandReview post (my first book review as a Team Member of RBRT) on Monday and yesterday, my monthly Tag post went up!

Yet here I am again, tapping away at the keyboard, to announce that as of yesterday, I hit 100 followers!

My Photo [100 Followers]
You can follow ReadandReview with your WordPress account, or just an email address!

I am so excited; It doesn’t seem that long ago since I reached 50 followers.

I never imagined my blog to take off, having had unsuccessful blogs in the past where I hardly wrote anything, so I set myself the small goal of reaching 100 followers after 1 year in “the biz”. Perhaps that was too small of a target, seeing how after just 4 months I’ve reached it already!

Nevertheless, I am thrilled and I want to extend my thanks to all my lovely and loyal followers. Although these might seem like small milestones, to me they are really valuable.

If you aren’t yet a follower of ReadandReview2016 – you should be! Click the ‘Follow’ button to give some much appreciated support!

I like setting targets, and I like making these little celebratory / thank-you posts.

So here’s to 150 followers!

That’s all for now!

– Judith


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