This is Day #1 of my Book Cover Challenge! I’m challenging myself to post 5 different book covers over 5 consecutive days, explaining why they are eye-catching and likeable.

The first book cover I’ve chosen is the 2013 edition of the epic poem, Beowulf, published by Penguin Classics. I’m yet to read it, but I know the rough outline of the story and I’ve seen a few film adaptations.

This book is paperback and has a matte cover, so it isn’t shiny. It’s uncoated too, and therefore feels quite papery. I really like this cover because of the crazy patterns and bright colours. What I interpret to be red and white roses in the bottom corner hint at classic English heritage, which is quite fitting for an Old English tale. The lurking monster also hints at the supernatural beings in the poem.

With a book like Beowulf, I think a snazzy book cover is important because older texts run the risk of appearing “boring” to a younger audience. With this bright cover, it caught my eye on the shelf and I definitely feel more confident to give Beowulf a go!

Come back tomorrow for Day #2 of my Book Cover Lover Challenge!
– Judith

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